PVC Window  Repairs

PVC Window Repairs Sligo | uPVC Windows Repairs Sligo | Windows Hinge Repairs Sligo

Why replace your windows in Sligo when they can be repaired? We can repair your window for a fraction of the cost of windows. With a cost effective and professional quality window repair service to all types of pvc windows. More often than not a small repair is all that is required to get your windows working in Sligo

  • PVC Windows Repairs Sligo
  • Tilt and Turn Window Repairs
  • PVC Windows Realigned
  • Jammed Windows Repaired Sligo
  • Windows Hinge Repair
  • Misted Glass Units Replaced Sligo
  • Window Leaks and Draughts Repaired
  • Double Glazing Windows Repaired
  • Sash Window Repairs Sligo
  • Window Locks Repaired
  • Windows Hinges and Handles Repaired

Local PVC Window Repairs
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PVC Windows Repairs