PVC Door  Repairs

PVC Door Repairs Sligo | Patio Repairs Sligo | Door Handles Repaired Sligo

All PVC doors Sligo drop over time. When a PVC door has dropped, the multipoint locking system no longer lines up with the door frame, this causes the multipoint locking system to be put under stress that it is not designed to withstand & over time will cause the door to break completely. Our PVC door repair Sligo will re-align the multipoint system with the frame so the PVC door Sligo operates smoothly

  • Replacement door panels Sligo
  • Sliding patio door tracks replaced
  • PVC door lock repairs Sligo
  • Door locks repaired
  • Window and door glass replacement
  • PVC door lock change for landlords Sligo
  • New replacement locks & keys
  • Broken handles fixed Sligo
  • Patio wheels repaired
  • PVC door repairs Sligo

PVC Door Repairs
If you are having problems with your PVC front door Sligo, you can rely on our double glazing professionals to repair your front or back door efficiently in Sligo. We offer a full range of PVC door repair services Sligo, including changing misted/foggy sealed glass units, door locks, door handles, door hinges and full annual door service

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PVC Window Repairs
  • Patio door handles and locks repaired Sligo
  • Window & door removal for furniture access
  • Composite back door: patio door lock repairs Sligo
  • PVC patio door hinges and rollers repaired
  • Window and door mechanism repairs
  • Patio door wheels and tracks repaired Sligo
  • Repair or replace faulty or broken multi-point locking mechanisms
  • uPVC sliding patio door tracks replaced Sligo
  • Patio door handles can snap, bend, get stuck and cause problems; we can fix door handles
  • PVC door hinges – we can also replace your broken and worn door hinge Sligo