PVC Door  Repairs

PVC Door Repairs Tipperary | Sliding Patio Door Repairs Tipperary | Emergency Door Repairs Tipperary

Basic maintenance of your PVC doors Tipperary is not only recommended, it is liable to prolong the lifespan of your PVC doors Tipperary. Worn parts, dropped doors and sticking handles or locks, are just some of the PVC door repairs Tipperary that are often encountered, all of which can be fixed by our friendly and professional team. It really is worth getting these door faults repaired Tipperary as soon as possible, as this prevents further damage and the need to replace the entire window or door

  • PVC door repairs Tipperary
  • PVC door handle replacement
  • Front door repairs Tipperary
  • Door hinge repair
  • Replacement door glazing
  • Double glazing patio door repairs Tipperary
  • Window and door burglary repairs
  • Window and door glass replacement Tipperary
  • Composite door repairs
  • Door handles repaired Tipperary

PVC Door Repairs
We specialise in PVC/Composite door repairs for domestic and commercial sectors in Tipperary. We service and replace glass fittings in many types of glass doors Tipperary. We supply all types glass Tipperary :standard glass, toughen glass, safety laminated glass, fire glass, stove glass, wired glass, opaque glass, polished and bevelled glass Tipperary

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PVC Window Repairs
  • Front or back door: the door won’t lock as the PVC door is out of alignment Tipperary
  • Dropped doors – is your door catching? Hard to lock? This requires a simple realignment and will prolong your locking mechanisms life span
  • Repair or replace faulty or broken butt or door flag hinges Tipperary
  • Window and door mechanism repairs
  • Front door & French door servicing and re-alignment
  • Door Locking mechanisms – Door locking mechanism usually fails if your door needed realigning but you put it off! A new mechanism is required Tipperary
  • Specialist repair and refurbishment of sliding porch and patio doors
  • Repair or replace faulty or broken multi-point locking mechanisms Tipperary
  • Composite back door: patio door lock repairs
  • Composite and PVC Front and back door repair Tipperary