PVC Door  Repairs

PVC Door Repairs Offaly | Patio Repairs Offaly | Double Glazing Patio Door Repairs Offaly

Our PVC door repair team Offaly manage the repair and maintenance of your PVC doors in Offaly. Just call us for a lock repair or replacement of fogged windows Offaly, faulty locks, replacement PVC panels Offaly. We also change door locks in residential and commercial properties Offaly

  • Double glazing patio door repairs Offaly
  • Replacement door glazing
  • Door hinge repair Offaly
  • Door glass repairs
  • Door handles repaired
  • Window and door burglary repairs Offaly
  • Broken handles fixed
  • PVC door handle replacement Offaly
  • Window and door glass replacement
  • Hinges, handles and lock repairs Offaly

PVC Door Repairs
We know what an inconvenience it is when your PVC doors need repairing in Offaly. Our professional PVC door repair team is able to deal with all kinds of PVC door faults Offaly, from an unwanted cold draught, to a damaged door sealed unit Offaly. Our PVC door repair specialists Offaly, will be able to identify and correct a problem in 99% of cases of PVC doors, in both residential and commercial properties in Offaly

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PVC Window Repairs
  • Front door & French door servicing and re-alignment Offaly
  • Dropped doors – is your door catching? Hard to lock? This requires a simple realignment and will prolong your locking mechanisms life span
  • Re-Align doors by re-towing & heeling them Offaly
  • Repair or replace faulty or broken multi-point locking mechanisms
  • Window and door mechanism repairs
  • Door Locking mechanisms – Door locking mechanism usually fails if your door needed realigning but you put it off! A new mechanism is required Offaly
  • Patio door handles can snap, bend, get stuck and cause problems; we can fix door handles
  • We repair and replace broken door hinges, PVC door seals, handles and locking mechanisms Offaly
  • uPVC sliding patio door tracks replaced
  • Security lock repairs, lock upgrades and replacement door locks Offaly