New Alarm Systems

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In Longford we offer a broad choice of wired and wireless security solutions for residential and commercial premises Longford, with speedy, hassle-free and assured installations, long-term reliable performance, and remote maintenance capabilities. All our alarm systems Longford come with a will guarantee and maintenance agreement to insure your peace of mind

  • Motion Detector Alarm Longford
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Wireless Alarms Longford
  • Security Alarm App
  • Best Burglar House Alarms
  • PIR Alarm Detectors Longford
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Door & Window Alarm Magnetic Contacts Longford
  • Home Security Systems
  • Home Alarm Monitoring Longford

New Alarm Systems
Our burglar alarm systems are perfect for deterring intruders, protecting your property and assets in Longford, as well as potentially helping to reduce your insurance premiums, thanks to the increased security we can provide for your Longford home or business. We are able to cater for all of your security requirements in Longford from single intruder alarms to a fully bespoke integrated security system

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Alarm Systems
  • Panic Buttons included with all alarms Longford
  • Secure your home with a state of the art intruder alarm
  • Monitored burglar alarms for homes & business at affordable prices Longford
  • Alarm App allows complete control of your alarm system from remote locations
  • Hi quality intruder alarm system at an affordable price
  • Self monitored house alarms us the latest mobile technology Longford
  • Keep your family and belongings secure with a monitored security alarm
  • Expand your house alarm to include your newly built extension Longford
  • 24H alarm monitoring available for both residential & commercial intruder alarm systems
  • We use Hybrid Alarms incorporating wired and wireless detection devices Longford