CCTV System

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Everyone in our CCTV installation team for Limerick is an expert in this field. That means you can be certain your installation will go smoothly. Our CCTV engineers Limerick will help you through everything when your CCTV security system has been installed and commissioned to insure you get the best from your investment

  • Licensed by the Private Security Authority Limerick
  • Crystal Clear Images during the day
  • Video Security to Suit all Budgets Limerick
  • High Definition Security Cameras
  • Number One for Home Camera Systems
  • Cameras with 1080p Video Monitoring Limerick
  • Low Cost CCTV Cameras
  • Remote CCTV Monitoring Limerick
  • Residential CCTV
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems Limerick

CCTV Systems & CCTV Repairs
Our CCTV technicians supply and install the best-quality CCTV systems in Limerick featuring high-definition images and playback. That means no more grainy images – providing worthwhile evidence to the police if you ever need to due to vandalism or robbery at your Limerick home

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Alarm Systems
  • Remote monitoring and mobile CCTV surveillance for short & long term requirements Limerick
  • Record continuously on a standalone Digital Video Recorder – giving you peace of mind that any activity in and around your home is being recorded
  • Having a CCTV system installed can actively deter criminals by using signage and cameras Limerick
  • CCTV system access through your PC system at home for remote monitoring
  • CCTV Cameras and remote monitoring, insure your premises is secure and safe 24/7
  • View your CCTV on your smart phone/tablet – We can set your CCTV System to be viewed on your Smart Phone Limerick
  • Use CCTV to monitor your home while you are away or on holiday
  • We provide home security cameras that are able to identify visitors at your door even when you are not in Limerick
  • Competitive lease packages on CCTV security systems to suit all budgets & requirements
  • Our CCTV technicians always provide a full demonstration on how to get the best use of your new camera security system Limerick