PVC Window Repair Leitrim
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All PVC Window Repair Leitrim

If your Leitrim window was caught by the wind and has been damaged by a recent storm we can fix it. It has probably got a strained window hinge. We can replace this broken hinge quickly & at a low cost so the weather can't get you to your Leitrim home

uPVC Window Repairs
  • Affordable window repairs for all of Leitrim
  • Windows letting in the cold? We repair & resolve all issues in Leitrim for homes and business
  • Get your windows repaired by the best in Leitrim
  • Replacing window hinges in Leitrim is the best way to make your windows weather proof
  • Double glazed windows repaired in Leitrim
  • Fast and affordable window repairs in Leitrim - all problems resolved

PVC Window Repair Leitrim

Over time all upvc windows in Leitrim start to develop problems with the hinges sticking or the handles getting loose. This can be annoying but can be easily repaired. In Leitrim we have a team of window repairers that are dedicated to fixing and resolving all window related problems

  • Leitrim Window repairs by fully trained engineers
  • Experts in uPVC window repairs in Leitrim including fixing draught problems
  • Repairs to uPVC windows including handles & locks
  • All types of windows repairs in Leitrim
  • We can re-allign your window in Leitrim so it closes properly
  • Draughty windows in Leitrim re-sealed by replacing rubbers & hinges
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