Floor sanding and vernishing

Floor Varnishing Dublin | Floor Sanding Dublin | Floor Restoration Dublin

Restoring all forms of wooden floor Dublin, to return them to their natural beauty. Newer veneered and engineered floors Dublin can be repaired and restored, or traditional wood block and wood strip floors. After any damage is repaired and missing pieces replaced in Dublin, then our dust free sanding and finishing

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  • Floor installation
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Floor Sanding and Vernishing
If you dream of getting your floors sanded Dublin, don’t be worried by the expense!. We can provide floor sanding Dublin at the lowest prices and most rooms are sanded and sealed on the same day. We can restore your timber floors Dublin no matter the condition

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Painter and decorator
  • All new and old wooden floors sanded, polished and varnished to the highest standard Dublin
  • Floors levelled, sanded, sealed or stained
  • Leading hardwood flooring and floor sanding companies Dublin
  • We offer the highest standard in solid wood floor sanding and installing services
  • Varnished floors are warm to walk on barefoot
  • Ask about dust free floor sanding service Dublin
  • Hardwood floor fitting, sanding & repairs
  • We offer floor sanding for new and old wooden floors, as well as polishing and varnishing Dublin
  • Hardwood floor sanding & paint stripping specialists
  • Pick from a range of stain samples to bring out the natural beauty of your floor Dublin