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How regularly do you use your house alarm, if at all? Criminals in Kilkenny who carry out robberies are believed to assume the alarms are not in use which gardaí believe has lead to increased thefts in the Kilkenny area. Our Alarms are easy to use and you can even control them using a fob. Sleep soundly at night knowing your alarm is on and protecting you and your family

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New Alarm Systems
We offer a wide range of security options to protect and guard your home and business against intruders and robberies in Kilkenny. Crime and break-ins are on the rise, so to make sure you are safe and secure in your home especially at night contact us to get more information and a free no obligation quote on alarming your Kilkenny house

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Alarm Systems
  • We use pet friendly motion detectors in all our alarm systems to reduce false activations Kilkenny
  • Self monitored house alarms us the latest mobile technology
  • Feel secure and safe with a new burglar alarm Kilkenny
  • Experts in alarm system installation with many years of experience
  • Expand your house alarm to include your newly built extension
  • You won’t see any visible alarm cables with our hybrid burglar alarm system Kilkenny
  • All our alarm engineers are fully qualified and carry ID
  • We use the best equipment on the market, ensuring you get the most out of your security alarm system Kilkenny
  • 24H alarm monitoring available for both residential & commercial intruder alarm systems
  • Secure your home with a state of the art intruder alarm Kilkenny