Trusted Trades FAQ
How do I become a member of Trusted Trades

To become a member of trusted trades you need to call membership coordinator (Ray), membership with trusted trades is exclusive and our tradespeople must follow our strict code of conduct.

What happens if a trades person receives two negative testimonials in two months

A trades person who receives two negative testimonials is called to our office to respond to each negative testimonials and upon review may lose their primary position. If a trade's person loses their primary position, the secondary trades person then moves up to primary position and the new secondary position is filled from our panel.
Trusted Trades FAQ
Why was application to join Trusted Trades not approved

Our interview process is like a job interview; we interview up to 5 trades persons / companies and select the best applicant based on the interview and references received. From this process we select our primary trades person (for their category and location), then one secondary trades person (for the same category and location), others than go on to a panel, which we may call upon if a slot becomes vacant. Trusted Trades reserve the right to refuse any application.

Am I charged a fee for using Trusted Trades

There are no chages to post jobs with Trusted Trades, The tradesmen quotes you directly for work