Oven Repair In Ashboune - Appliance Repair Co Meath

Paddy called to fix the hinges on my oven door. I had difficulty finding someone to do such a small job and thought I'd need to buy a new one (ive two matching ovens so would have cost me 2k to replace) but paddy called me so quickly and called out v quickly. He told me it was definatly worth getting fixed which was great. He was so nice and an absolute pleasure to meet. He was 5 minutes doing the job and it was stress free. I couldn't recommend him highly enough because he treated my tiny fiddly job with as much care and consideration as I d expect for a big job. When someone goes that extra mile on a small job they are a very special and rare find. Thanks paddy, you've made my year.

Mary McEntagart Meath

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Oven Repair In Ashboune - Appliance Repair Co Meath

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